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Happy Memorial Day, y'all. If you have it off, I hope you're enjoying it. If you're not in the States or you have to work, I hope it's bearable. I hope everyone's thinking of your soldiers today either way.

Catch-up, catch-up:
  1. Everyone who has asked me what I've been up to lately has gotten the same answer: running around shooting indie hipster bands, watching and obsessing about all levels of baseball, hanging out at the farmer's market, drinking beer. Seriously. I'm really good at all of those things, though, so it's okay.

  2. No, really, I've been busy: between doing things out of the house and being, you know, an introvert who also needs serious recharging time, the last few months have been frantically busy for me. June doesn't look any less packed, nor does July. It's good to be busy, I think. It keeps me focused on things other than my brain spinning like a hamster on a wheel. Lots of outdoor concerts and baseball games coming up, and that's always good. Music outdoors is amazing.

  3. So far the best album of 2010 is the new Black Keys album, Brothers, followed closely by the Drive-By Truckers' The Big To-Do and Eli 'Paperboy' Reed's Come and Get It. Blues, rock, soul. Yes, please. Go get 'em all.

  4. The best show I've seen in 2010 was Superchunk at the Cat's Cradle a few weeks ago, followed closely by the Drive-By Truckers' two night stand at the Lincoln in Raleigh back in February, and Brian Fallon and Dave Hause acoustic at the Black Cat in DC in January.

  5. The best baseball I've watched was Carolina's three game sweep of Virginia Tech, but the game that meant the most was getting to see ex-Heel Dustin Ackley play Double-A baseball in Zebulon, NC, over the weekend. And not just because the whole Carolina was bizarrely and traumatizingly in attendance, and also I bucked up and told Coach how much his teams had meant to me over the last few years. (It helped that I was tipsy. I was surprisingly concise and coherent and not at all weird for being drunk on Yuengling, frankly.) But because Dustin is amazing and lovely and I miss seeing him wear Carolina blue so much it hurts like a broken heart. I was very proud.

  6. I am not watching much TV at all right now: with How I Met Your Mother and Bones done for the year, it's me and Doctor Who and that's it. I will probably watch all of Friday Night Lights season four over the summer. And Psych comes back soon, right? But mostly, if our TV is on, it's tuned to baseball, or it's playing a movie we've seen a million times or TiVoed episodes of Ace of Cakes, The Best Thing I Ever Ate, and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Duff + tasty things + restaurants I could visit on road trips = happy Min.

  7. Although also: June 24, 2010, new Futurama episodes. 26 whole episodes! Very exciting.

  8. Yesterday I got to have breakfast with [livejournal.com profile] ipso__facto and The Mets Fan and The Mets Fan's Chef Cousin. We ate at Ye Olde Waffle Shoppe and then took a lengthy hike around campus. It was hot and gross, but the company was excellent. I miss seeing Lala regularly and was glad to have any time with her I could. ♥

  9. I'm weirdly sad and restless today. Cleaning the bathroom didn't help. I'm pretty sure that a beer at 10:18 am won't help, either.
I'm still here and reading. Mostly I'm just so busy out running around that I forget to actually talk, too.
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unless it involves an ocean, there's pretty much no view in the world i like better than this one.

now i have to go drink beer in raleigh. be good, kids, since i don't plan to be, and somebody's gotta.
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Blah blah blah, long story short, on Saturday morning when I was still drunk from Friday night's Jack Daniels, I bought a new zoom lens for the SLR -- a Quantaray 70-210mm inexplicably marked with a CN instead of an NK, even though it sure as hell won't fit on a Canon body, and it's a dream to use the zoom feature for ogling baseball players up close shoot with and I only paid 10% of list for it -- and so yesterday shep. and I loaded those dudes from Las Vegas with a new album out this week onto the stereo and drove out to Cary to watch our short dudes who ball (as opposed to our tall dudes who ball, who tip off at close to 8 tonight against Washington State).

And then I used my brand-new, super-expensive camera lens to take an entire roll of gratuitous butt shots of the Tar Heel baseball team. How could I help myself? They're barely legal hottasses! They were standing just three feet from us in the on-deck circle! One of them snapped his gum at us in a very how yoooooou doin'? fashion! Butt shots were necessary, people. Most of my shots turned out pretty traily, mostly because I have to shoot in full manual with this lens because for some reason it won't set the f-stop on its own and I hate that, but better to have burned a bunch of cheap film on ballers than to have not seen how the lens shot before I burned two (eight dollars apiece) rolls of 1600 shooting the Truckers Friday, you know?

That said, it's spring here, finally, and since spring means baseball, please enjoy the college ballers of my heart (and remember: I saw barely legal Mark Fleury first, Jesus Fucking Hottass On Toast):

a handful of my best shots from the game last night, including some underage hottass butt for all you women (and gay men) out there who are big pervs like me )

I have accomplished an immense amount of work this week, despite my motivation being on vacation, and yet none of it was the work I actually needed to do. Because that work required calling people on the phone, and I just didn't have the energy to potentially bust my happy-mood by having my phone calls cut off by my hideous devil phone, having to sit in an office wearing pants to make said phone calls on a real phone, or getting yelled at by people on the other end of the phone.

I have to make phone calls now, but I really want a nap instead.
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four days and five games later (we skipped game 3 of the six game series, wcu v. jacksonville, on saturday), i have 240 photos from the ncaa baseball chapel hill regional; some good, some bad, some of inanimate objects, some of delicious catcher butt (some catchers pictured may not be able to legally purchase beer yet, please ogle at your own discretion).

also acquired or produced over the last four days: serious sleep deprivation; a slightly bizarre farmer's tan; sunburnt boobs; a strong desire to spend all of next weekend sitting in the bosh again, watching the super regional; a freakishly exploded obsession with college baseball; 5400 words of mckay/sheppard that will hopefully get finished off tomorrow. it was worth every penny i spent this weekend. A+, would watch carolina win a regional again.

but now i gotta sleep. i have some things to say about last week's studio 60, especially the last ten minutes, but i can't quite formulate them yet. tomorrow, my darlings, i promise. for the moment, i sleep.

([livejournal.com profile] insidian, call me tomorrow. all the giraffes and llamas for you.)
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