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Happy Memorial Day, y'all. If you have it off, I hope you're enjoying it. If you're not in the States or you have to work, I hope it's bearable. I hope everyone's thinking of your soldiers today either way.

Catch-up, catch-up:
  1. Everyone who has asked me what I've been up to lately has gotten the same answer: running around shooting indie hipster bands, watching and obsessing about all levels of baseball, hanging out at the farmer's market, drinking beer. Seriously. I'm really good at all of those things, though, so it's okay.

  2. No, really, I've been busy: between doing things out of the house and being, you know, an introvert who also needs serious recharging time, the last few months have been frantically busy for me. June doesn't look any less packed, nor does July. It's good to be busy, I think. It keeps me focused on things other than my brain spinning like a hamster on a wheel. Lots of outdoor concerts and baseball games coming up, and that's always good. Music outdoors is amazing.

  3. So far the best album of 2010 is the new Black Keys album, Brothers, followed closely by the Drive-By Truckers' The Big To-Do and Eli 'Paperboy' Reed's Come and Get It. Blues, rock, soul. Yes, please. Go get 'em all.

  4. The best show I've seen in 2010 was Superchunk at the Cat's Cradle a few weeks ago, followed closely by the Drive-By Truckers' two night stand at the Lincoln in Raleigh back in February, and Brian Fallon and Dave Hause acoustic at the Black Cat in DC in January.

  5. The best baseball I've watched was Carolina's three game sweep of Virginia Tech, but the game that meant the most was getting to see ex-Heel Dustin Ackley play Double-A baseball in Zebulon, NC, over the weekend. And not just because the whole Carolina was bizarrely and traumatizingly in attendance, and also I bucked up and told Coach how much his teams had meant to me over the last few years. (It helped that I was tipsy. I was surprisingly concise and coherent and not at all weird for being drunk on Yuengling, frankly.) But because Dustin is amazing and lovely and I miss seeing him wear Carolina blue so much it hurts like a broken heart. I was very proud.

  6. I am not watching much TV at all right now: with How I Met Your Mother and Bones done for the year, it's me and Doctor Who and that's it. I will probably watch all of Friday Night Lights season four over the summer. And Psych comes back soon, right? But mostly, if our TV is on, it's tuned to baseball, or it's playing a movie we've seen a million times or TiVoed episodes of Ace of Cakes, The Best Thing I Ever Ate, and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Duff + tasty things + restaurants I could visit on road trips = happy Min.

  7. Although also: June 24, 2010, new Futurama episodes. 26 whole episodes! Very exciting.

  8. Yesterday I got to have breakfast with [livejournal.com profile] ipso__facto and The Mets Fan and The Mets Fan's Chef Cousin. We ate at Ye Olde Waffle Shoppe and then took a lengthy hike around campus. It was hot and gross, but the company was excellent. I miss seeing Lala regularly and was glad to have any time with her I could. ♥

  9. I'm weirdly sad and restless today. Cleaning the bathroom didn't help. I'm pretty sure that a beer at 10:18 am won't help, either.
I'm still here and reading. Mostly I'm just so busy out running around that I forget to actually talk, too.
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  1. I had an epic post about baseball that was eaten when my laptop fried out a memory chip on Sunday night, but the gist was: no matter how far removed we get from that mid-90s version of it, when I think of the Braves' starting rotation, I still think Smoltz Glavine Maddux Millwood; filled out the last page in my scorebook a few weeks ago, am glad for cleanliness and sturdiness of new one, miss the history of seven years' baseball attendance from the old one (HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHAT SHORTSTOPS FROM CLEMSON ARE CAPABLE OF IF I CAN'T SEE THAT THEY WENT 2 FOR 14, REACHED ON TWO ERRORS, AND SCORED ON A BALK AGAINST CAROLINA THIS YEAR >:(); growing fonder by the day of Orioles' first round draft pick (and now Rookie League pitcher) Matt Hobgood (he signed so early because he just wants to play baseball, he didn't care about the extra million! he has braces! he's so young his mama had to co-sign his contract! *heart hands*). Also, loving Brad Bergesen's pitching for the O's these days but not wild about our total inability to hold a lead after a lights-out 8IP performance from a good young starter. My baseball team is bad and I suspect they feel very bad about it. They better. I feel bad about them.

  2. I also now have a job. I will be working in a field office of a much-maligned branch of the federal government starting on Monday, and I'll be there for at least two years (my probation period), and probably longer. After two years of grad school and two years of contract employment and working from home, I am absolutely excited to have a computer and a desk and an 8 to 5 cube. Sure, I'll miss the CSI re-runs, but I've seen most of them by this point. Some stability and normalcy in my life will not go amiss. Also the ability to pay bills and get federal holidays off and have health insurance, awesome. And that is the last time that I will discuss my new job in public. But know that I'm excited about it!

  3. My brain is basically devoted full-time these days to the following: baseball, mostly minor league; live music and our local scene; cooking; reading everything in the known universe; Texts from Last Night; reading blogs about photography and coveting Pentax K1000's and Holgas and the new Olympus EP-1's and the Nikon E-series 100mm/f2.8 lens. If any of you have any of those camera things hanging around your house, and you're not using them (and frankly, if you have gotten your hands on an EP-1 and you're not using it, what the fuck are you, a flaming moron?), please send them to me. I would take very good care of them.

  4. I'm vaguely irritated by the Cobra Starship tour dates, because Charlotte is a Sunday and the closest other date is Richmond on a Tuesday, and as we all know, these days I only drive through Richmond to spit on the place on the way to somewhere more awesome. There are bands I'd go to Richmond for, at the right venue, but Cobra is not one of them. (Said bands: Okkervil River if there wasn't a closer date; the Avett Brothers but only at the National and only if there wasn't a better option here; Mason Jennings headlining the National. That's about it. Maybe the Truckers with a really good supporting line-up and no Triangle dates.) Richmond is bad and should feel bad for always being mean to us. But, you know, I haven't been to a bandom-bands show since Cobra last fall, so it's not like I appear to be invested or anything. I'm excited about the Cobras' new album, though, and I wish they'd just realize that there's more to the NC than Charlotte; there's a day off between Charlotte and Richmond, they could play the fucking Lincoln once in a while. Jeez, Gabe.

  5. Other albums coming out in the second half of the year that I'm excited about: the new Wye Oak; the new Bombadil; the new Megafaun; the new Avett Brothers (holy crap I am excited about that one); the final New West album of the Truckers' contract, the b-sides and outtakes one; the new AA Bondy. I would be excited about the new-new Truckers and the new Josh Ritter but we're not getting those until next year. And there are some local bands who either need to put out their new albums or just fucking give me all the rough cuts of what they've recorded so far to tide me over before I go to their houses and punch them in the kidneys.

  6. I have finally seen enough movies in the theater this year that I contemplated starting a list in my journal, like I've kept other years, but then I remembered that seeing Star Trek three times and Up twice doesn't actually mean I've seen 7 movies in the theater. I've just seen four (those two, plus Watchmen and the Brothers Bloom) ... multiple times. And frankly the rest of the year will probably just be me seeing the Harry Potter movie over and over again, and maybe Star Trek one more time, so a list is still sort of unnecessary. I used to see a lot of movies, and now that money gets spent on concert tickets and PBR.
That's all I got. Time to go to the library and do laundry and enjoy the penultimate day of my unemployment. How are you guys?
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FLIST. does anybody want to play in a fantasy baseball league with me and [livejournal.com profile] kickthebeat? leave an email address where we can send you details, but please, only if you're really, really serious about being interested. we need at least a couple of other people to make the league viable this year.
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[Poll #1233404]

This is not the best match-up in the world, but it was the best I could do when trying to think of someone to pit against Zeppelin. As far as I go, I do have some love for Dark Side Of The Moon, but then Zeppelin II <3 and it's not even a battle.

  1. Public libraries. I love ours -- they're great on fiction (except the most recent stuff, which you have to fight for, and really old obscure stuff) and good (and getting better) on non-fiction, especially popular non-fiction. They recently stopped charging for holds. They'll almost always buy things if you tell them they should. And it's free! <3 for public libraries.

  2. Digital cable. t. has had digital cable since January (and will only have it for a few more weeks because her deal is ending), and I have developed a real affection for Steven Smith and his stupid untitled rock show. I don't want digital cable myself -- I don't love it enough to pay for it, except sometimes I contemplate all the sports channels and ... but no, I could spent that money on something like, say, more concert tickets -- but sometimes digital cable is delightful. This is on my mind because I spent yesterday listening to Ludo's album You're Awful, I Love You, and I'd never have discovered it if I hadn't seen their video on SURS.

That's pretty much it. I'm boring!

The album I am listening to now is one of my nerdiest guilty pleasures. 20 songs -- some classics rewritten, some originals -- all about cats. We had it on tape as a kid and as I am a nerd who loves this now, I was a nerd who loved it as a kid. It's a happy reminder of good childhood vacations.
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I believe in the Church of Baseball. I've tried all the major religions, and most of the minor ones. (image heavy, dial-up users beware) )

Going to see the Bulls always makes me want to watch Bull Durham, so I'm going to go do that. (The rest of the photos are here.)
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(you guys, you have no idea how delightful that was, p.weezy hanging out with those two drunks in the booth, looking happy and healthy and i just. *heart hands*)
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posted by [personal profile] minervacat at 10:05am on 14/02/2008 under
The internets have failed me, friends list. By which I mean, Matt Wieters reported to the Orioles' spring training camp this morning and there are not yet PICTURES ON THE INTERNETS for me to look at.

I demand instantaneous gratification, internets. WHERE ARE MY PICTURES OF THE WIETS.
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frankly, some nights, beating the red sox at the yard is actually more satisfying than beating them in fenway.
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[Poll #1039921]

last week i tried to find andy mcphail's email address on the orioles' website so that i could tell him that if he would just go ahead and give matt wieters all the millions of dollars that mr. wieters wants in his contract, i would personally find a way to provide the orioles with that revenue. i failed to find mcphail's email address, which is probably for the best, as, with the signing deadline looming, i'm reducing to lying on the living room floor wailing, "JUST GIVE HIM THE MONEY, ANDY, AND THEN THROW STEVE TRACHSEL IN AS A BONUS," which i'm not sure is the sort of email andy mcphail wants to receive.

shep.'s only commentary: "what's matt wieters gonna do with steve trachsel?"

ETA: MATT WIETERS SIGNED AT THE VERY LAST ABSOLUTE SECOND. no word yet on whether or not his deal includes any useless starting pitchers.

ETA2: i am going on record, so that when m.wiets hits the majors next year, it is entirely clear who has a claim on him: SHEP AND I SAW HIM FIRST, BITCHES.
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cubs fans, i feel that if you people loved me even a little bit, one of you would write me a story about ryan theriot and mike fontenot in omaha in 2000, when lsu won the college world series. because if you don't, i'm gonna have to, and as i said to shep. last night, then we're just in a place where i'm ashamed to know me. i promise not to be ashamed to know you, though!

we're moved, and now all that remains is ... the unpacking.