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Thank you for all the snowflakes, both named givers and anonymous folk! You are brightening my days.

In other news, our network at work fell over completely dead today, and there's really nothing funnier than an office full of federal employees trying to figure out what to do with themselves when literally 99% of our work flow depends on our mainframe access. Put it this way: I took a couple of claims on paper, I read a little policy, but my big achievement of the day was winning $4000 at solitaire from the little people in my iPod, until the batteries got too low to play anymore.

If the network is still hosed tomorrow, I may burn four hours of leave and go home at noon, workload be damned.

OH! ALSO: my iPod has recently started crashing iTunes whenever I try to sync it; I'm running OSX.5.8, iTunes 9.something, and iPod software 2.0.1, but this started before I upgraded to iTunes 9. It syncs actively for about two minutes every time, and then freezes up; all my music is syncing as are photos that were on there before this started happening, but no podcasts, no playlists (which makes it weird that there's music still on there, because I sync content via playlists), and no album art. I can't turn anything up via Google. Anybody have any ideas? Leave 'em here. I'm going to restore it and trying a full resync of everything, but I'd rather find a fix that didn't make me have to do that.

Now, nap time.
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  1. I had an epic post about baseball that was eaten when my laptop fried out a memory chip on Sunday night, but the gist was: no matter how far removed we get from that mid-90s version of it, when I think of the Braves' starting rotation, I still think Smoltz Glavine Maddux Millwood; filled out the last page in my scorebook a few weeks ago, am glad for cleanliness and sturdiness of new one, miss the history of seven years' baseball attendance from the old one (HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHAT SHORTSTOPS FROM CLEMSON ARE CAPABLE OF IF I CAN'T SEE THAT THEY WENT 2 FOR 14, REACHED ON TWO ERRORS, AND SCORED ON A BALK AGAINST CAROLINA THIS YEAR >:(); growing fonder by the day of Orioles' first round draft pick (and now Rookie League pitcher) Matt Hobgood (he signed so early because he just wants to play baseball, he didn't care about the extra million! he has braces! he's so young his mama had to co-sign his contract! *heart hands*). Also, loving Brad Bergesen's pitching for the O's these days but not wild about our total inability to hold a lead after a lights-out 8IP performance from a good young starter. My baseball team is bad and I suspect they feel very bad about it. They better. I feel bad about them.

  2. I also now have a job. I will be working in a field office of a much-maligned branch of the federal government starting on Monday, and I'll be there for at least two years (my probation period), and probably longer. After two years of grad school and two years of contract employment and working from home, I am absolutely excited to have a computer and a desk and an 8 to 5 cube. Sure, I'll miss the CSI re-runs, but I've seen most of them by this point. Some stability and normalcy in my life will not go amiss. Also the ability to pay bills and get federal holidays off and have health insurance, awesome. And that is the last time that I will discuss my new job in public. But know that I'm excited about it!

  3. My brain is basically devoted full-time these days to the following: baseball, mostly minor league; live music and our local scene; cooking; reading everything in the known universe; Texts from Last Night; reading blogs about photography and coveting Pentax K1000's and Holgas and the new Olympus EP-1's and the Nikon E-series 100mm/f2.8 lens. If any of you have any of those camera things hanging around your house, and you're not using them (and frankly, if you have gotten your hands on an EP-1 and you're not using it, what the fuck are you, a flaming moron?), please send them to me. I would take very good care of them.

  4. I'm vaguely irritated by the Cobra Starship tour dates, because Charlotte is a Sunday and the closest other date is Richmond on a Tuesday, and as we all know, these days I only drive through Richmond to spit on the place on the way to somewhere more awesome. There are bands I'd go to Richmond for, at the right venue, but Cobra is not one of them. (Said bands: Okkervil River if there wasn't a closer date; the Avett Brothers but only at the National and only if there wasn't a better option here; Mason Jennings headlining the National. That's about it. Maybe the Truckers with a really good supporting line-up and no Triangle dates.) Richmond is bad and should feel bad for always being mean to us. But, you know, I haven't been to a bandom-bands show since Cobra last fall, so it's not like I appear to be invested or anything. I'm excited about the Cobras' new album, though, and I wish they'd just realize that there's more to the NC than Charlotte; there's a day off between Charlotte and Richmond, they could play the fucking Lincoln once in a while. Jeez, Gabe.

  5. Other albums coming out in the second half of the year that I'm excited about: the new Wye Oak; the new Bombadil; the new Megafaun; the new Avett Brothers (holy crap I am excited about that one); the final New West album of the Truckers' contract, the b-sides and outtakes one; the new AA Bondy. I would be excited about the new-new Truckers and the new Josh Ritter but we're not getting those until next year. And there are some local bands who either need to put out their new albums or just fucking give me all the rough cuts of what they've recorded so far to tide me over before I go to their houses and punch them in the kidneys.

  6. I have finally seen enough movies in the theater this year that I contemplated starting a list in my journal, like I've kept other years, but then I remembered that seeing Star Trek three times and Up twice doesn't actually mean I've seen 7 movies in the theater. I've just seen four (those two, plus Watchmen and the Brothers Bloom) ... multiple times. And frankly the rest of the year will probably just be me seeing the Harry Potter movie over and over again, and maybe Star Trek one more time, so a list is still sort of unnecessary. I used to see a lot of movies, and now that money gets spent on concert tickets and PBR.
That's all I got. Time to go to the library and do laundry and enjoy the penultimate day of my unemployment. How are you guys?
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There's nothing quite like writing emails to software contractors your project team decided not to hire to make up a barn-burning sort of Friday night. My exciting life, let me show you it.

Here, have a picture of Jon Walker:

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a. So, back in September, [livejournal.com profile] triskellita went out of town two straight weekends, and when she got back, shep. and I were into bandom, and college football, and t. was all, wtf is this alternate universe of my life? This is only worth noting because last night during the Carolina/BC game, ESPN showed tonight's NBA previews, and I said of the Wizards game, OMG, CAN WE WATCH THAT? Somehow I'm an NBA fan these days. I don't know.

b. Speaking of Carolina, I do believe that last night we bent BC over so far that their mamas felt it. Florida State Sunday, and Duke next Wednesday. Bring on the 'Noles and the Blue Devils, bitches. ([livejournal.com profile] quicknow, you know I say that with all love and affection for you, and none at all for The Paulus, and The Scheyer.)

c. There are 358 NCAA Division 1 men's basketball's teams, and on February 23, 357 (if you count Tennessee) of those teams will be rooting for Tennessee. Somebody's going to run the table again in the near future, but if there's a God out there, it won't be John Fucking Calipari. C-USA, my ass. M-PAS: Memphis plus Atlantic Sun. That's not a conference, it's a goddamned bakesale.

d. From now until the first weekend in April, I'm paying attention to bandom, I'm still watching SG:A and FNL and Psych and I'll catch last night's SPN tonight, probably, but college basketball is my fandom. If you couldn't tell. A good basketball match-up will supersede anything else on my TV.

e. Speaking of bandom, I cannot stop looking at this picture. First off, Ryan Ross's suit brings me such glee that it cannot be textually rendered, and secondly, Spencer Smith's stupid little face, and thirdly, what the hell is Brendon Urie wearing, and FINALLY, MOST IMPORTANTLY, JON WALKER'S STUPID LITTLE FACE AND HIS STUPID LITTLE FEET. Every time I look at that picture I think Jon Walker DOES NOT WANT SHOEZ, because exactly the look he has on his face and his feets, if feets can have a look. Ugh, I love them so much.

f. One last morning of putting on grown-up clothes and hauling off to sit in my boss's boiling hot office talking London through the details of our project. Yesterday was a banner day; AJ went off to a meeting in the afternoon, which gave me two whole hours to go through all the super-technical specs with London without having to stop and translate taxonomist talk into normal person talk for AJ every five minutes. It was a whole day's worth of work in two hours!
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I ended up having to break this down: the albums I thought were brilliant, objectively, and the albums I loved even if they weren't on my top five best. There's overlap -- Josh Ritter should really be on both lists, and so should Bright Eyes and Cobra, but every album gets one list and these are mine. Also, "fucking epic" is totally a valid reason to put an album on a Best Of list, what are you talking about?

Top Five Best Albums Released In 2007, in my humble opinion:
1. Bright Eyes -- Cassadaga. This was the best album of 2007, and you know how I know that? I don't normally like Bright Eyes and I loved this. It was all I listened to for about a month this summer.

2. Kanye West -- Graduation Day. Unconditionally across the board brilliant.

3. The National -- Boxer. Fucking epic.

4. Josh Ritter -- The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter. "To the Dogs or Whoever" and "Right Moves" are already in my top 50 most-played tracks in iTunes, and the rest of the album is solidly, simultaneously joyous and devastating.

5. Cobra Starship -- ¡Viva La Cobra! GABE SAPORTA, YOU MAY BE CREEPY, BUT THIS IS A GENIUS ALBUM. Tongue-in-cheek 80s-influenced pop music, and it makes me want to get up and dance, which is the whole fucking point. I genuinely believe this is one of the best albums of the year, and you cannot convince me otherwise.
My Five Favorite Albums Released In 2007, which do not appear on the above list:
1. Fall Out Boy -- Infinity On High. Honestly, objectively, a really good album.

2. Nellie McKay -- Obligatory Villagers. She's, like, 22 or something, and this spans her mastery of so many genres and so many sounds. Her first album was amazing, and she just keeps getting better.

3. Okkervil River -- The Stage Names. Grew on me once I heard it in concert; it's sort of huge and heartbreaking live, which makes me appreciate the studio version more. But it's no Don't Fall In Love With Everyone You See. (I am the only person on the planet who loves that album more than Black Sheep Boy, for the record.)

4. The Weakerthans -- Reunion Tour. They could record the phone book and I would love it, and I do, but still, once again, as above: this is no Reconstruction Site, alas.

5. Various Artists -- I'm Not There (Music From The Motion Picture). I would love this for the Mason cover of "Times They Are A'Changin'", but then it turned out that the rest of it was pretty awesome, too.
Honorable vague mentions: The Arcade Fire -- Neon Bible; Modest Mouse -- We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank; Motion City Soundtrack -- Even If It Kills Me; Feist -- The Reminder; Band of Horses -- Cease to Begin. All albums that I enjoyed, and listened to more than once, but didn't blow me away, or, in the case of Band of Horses, haven't listened to enough to have a real opinion besides "that's pretty damn good". (Poor Modest Mouse: they are never going to make another Moon and Antarctica, and I will forever listen to their new stuff and screw up my face and say, "Well, it's okay, but it's not Moon and Antarctica." But it's true! That album is genius.)

I've been torturing people with this question on IM for a couple of days, so if I bugged you about it, or if I didn't bug you about it but I should have, please feel free to share your lists in the comments. And if you can't narrow it to five, ten is more than acceptable. *grin*

Sometimes I get overwhelmed, because there is too much music to listen to and too many books to read and too many stories to write -- the sheer backlog of, for example, titles without stories I have on my computer, you don't even know -- and then I just end up listening to Josh Ritter tracks on repeat when I should be in bed instead. I am very tired today.

brief work bitching )
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sometimes there are fandoms where the fic is really spectacular and fills in the bits that the show just doesn't have time to deal with because it's busy being brilliant and spectacular about other more important things, and sometimes there are fandoms where the fic is really good but will never live up to the actual canon despite that and it's okay, and sometimes there are fandoms where the canon is okay, pretty entertaining, but it isn't perfect and it doesn't really hit all its marks no matter how hard it tries - and so the fic, the good fic in that fandom, is head and shoulders above the actual canon.

kitchen confidential, entertaining as it is, is one of those fandoms that's in the last category, so i have two recs for you:
a virtuous man, by [livejournal.com profile] nifra_idril. nc-17. jack/steven. this show presents itself with great opportunities for porn and snark in its fic, and nifra delivers. a.) this story is hot. b.) this story is snarky and c.) did i mention the porn in the alley? because really. it's hot. porn. good porn. woo!

the queen of england, by [livejournal.com profile] rageprufrock. R. jack/steven. i have read this THREE TIMES already today, once because i saw a rec somewhere, once because i couldn't believe it was really as funny as it seemed the first time (it is), and once because i was trying to pick out the funniest bit to post for you guys, except the whole thing is fucking hilarious, and exactly the tone of the show, and just spot on perfect. and this is the bit that i decided you all needed to see: Oh God, Jack thinks, please let us have been too busy having gay sex to sing karaoke. Because there is embarrassing alcohol-induced homosexuality and then there is just unforgivable.
in other news, if someone would like to come over to my office and smack this computer around until it finds its network settings, i'd be most appreciative. because i can't figure out why it doesn't want me to give it an ip address. isn't that what every computer in the world wants, an ip address?

i am having all kinds of incredibly intense "oh my god, am i really a moron or did i just wake up stupid" work trauma today, and really i would just like to go home and go back to bed now, thanks.
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thank you that is all.
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So, you know, because I've been wondering, this morning Crazy Boss L. thoughtfully cleared up the question of What The Hell Is Min's $120,000 Liberal Arts Education Good For?

Making lots and lots of photocopies, apparently.
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Bossy Sales Guy: You haven't sent me my leads.
Min: I have. I sent them to you twice.
BSG: You sent them again on Friday?
Min: I got your email on Friday. I sent your leads again on Friday. 8:37 AM.
BSG: I didn't get them.
Min: I sent them to your company email. Do I need to send them again?
BSG: I didn't get ... oh. My company email? I haven't checked that address yet.
Min: *facepalm*
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You know what I need? I need one of those little USB flash drives. It'd make schlepping the porn between work and home much easier, and no trace of anything on my harddrive at work!

I also need more New Order, but that's really neither here nor there.

ETA: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Conversation at work this morning:
Min: The photocopier hates me.
Crazy Boss L.: *rolls eyes*
Crazy Boss L.: It doesn't hate you, it's inanimate.
Min: Well, YOU make it copy things.
Crazy Boss L.: *fruitlessly attempts to make copies*
Min: *gloats*
Crazy Boss L.: The photocopier hates me.
Min: *gloats more*
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