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I didn't ... mean to disappear for two months. I swear I really didn't. Work just got crazy, and then my life got crazy (crazy good), and college baseball started, and a million bands started touring, and ... then it was March and I hadn't posted since January.

Then it was March, and I was 30. Today! I have a three in front of my name now. A THREE. I AM OLD.

So. Yeah. I'm not dead. I'm just busy; I'm reading, and trying to comment but sometimes failing, and I'm taking a million photos and watching a million baseball games (9, 10 and 11 of the year this weekend! AND they count!) and going to concerts and trying to keep my head above water at work. I'm going to try to get back into the LJ swing of things.

And I'm 30.

Which is something.

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accurate summation of my life, represented by things i actually accomplished this weekend, in list form, out of chronological order:
  • did laundry.

  • found missing striped knee socks! (under bed, with several paperback mystery novels and a lot of cat hair.)

  • had bizarre phone conversation with my sister where i thought her garbled voice mail was about a could-have-been-read-as-bitchy email i sent her and my parents saturday morning and mom wanted me to apologize for it, but it was really about a parental unit unexpectedly having a non-threatening-but-sudden-onset medical issue.

  • mitigated familial worry by drinking half a bottle of wine. fell asleep on the couch and drooled on the john irving novel i'm re-reading.

  • sent [livejournal.com profile] kickthebeat approximately 78 text messages about how gay the heisman ceremony was. (it was gay. it was really, really gay. tebow, why don't you gaze lovingly at colt mccoy over enormous sandwiches some more, and then make another nationally televised thinly veiled bitchy comment about his friendship with sam bradford? BECAUSE THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL. video of their sandwich date, and also there is this beautiful OH GOD TEBOW HIT ON COLT HARDER PLEASE video. tim tebow's desperate desire to make colt mccoy like him warms my cold black heart something awful.)

  • watched about 14 hours of espn because i was too lazy to change the channel.

  • went to a show friday night, enjoyed the music, bitched at [livejournal.com profile] triskellita about the hipsters, the red light bulbs, and the fact that my head hurt. the music and the company were really awesome, though, as usual.

  • ate an entire pizza.
now i'm watching episodes of bones i've already seen on the tivo, and tonight i'm going out to see micah schnabel of two cow garage (again), and then it's just one more full week of work before a mercifully short week before christmas and a trip to the beach. the beach makes everything okay.

my point being, when i don't post to livejournal, all you are really missing is endless bitching about hipsters and crappy venue lighting, and probably out of line speculation about colt mccoy's sex life.

note that this is not going to stop me from speculating about colt mccoy's sex life, just that i know it's a little, you know, weird.
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Uhhhhhhhhhh, so I didn't post at all in September. That may be the first month I've gone in my entire livejournal-having career where I haven't posted at least once. Sorry, kids. I swear I'm not dead. Just busy.

The fact is: the not-so-new job really takes it out of me during the week, and I had forgotten how real full-time employment sort of whoops your ass no matter how much you like your job (which I do); I've been crazy busy with travel and shows and out of town guests and 14-hour football Saturdays when I'm not at work; I've been really up in my own head ... well, not even recently. Most of 2009 I've been up in my own head, working stuff out and planning photo projects and thinking about stuff that isn't necessarily suited to posting frequently to livejournal. 29 has mostly been a pretty spectacularly shitty year, for a variety of reasons, but it's gotten me thinking hard about a lot of stuff I needed to think about, so at least there's that.

I feel guilty when I don't post, though, so I will do my best in the future to be better about it. Hi. What's up? Have you all forgotten that I exist?

Here are some things that I have been thinking about recently:
  • The new Big Star box set, Keep An Eye On The Sky, is tremendous. Big Star is generally considered to be one of the, if not the, first "power pop" band to come out of the States, and they're tragically under-known these days. There's a version of "Thirteen" on the first disc that just about stopped my heart with how gorgeous it is. In other news, I love all box sets full of rarities and outtakes and demo versions of things. The Faces box set from a few years back is also fantastic, for example.

  • I bought a new camera lens, a gorgeous little Nikon E-series 100mm/f2.8. It'll never replace my beloved 50mm in versatility, but it's a bit of a wonder in concert venues -- the sharpness of it even at f2.8 is miraculous. Now to just squash the glass envy down for another six months or so, which is about the interval best left for expensive purchases that I might later regret. (I don't regret this particular purchase, but do I really need a Sigma 10-20mm wide angle macro lens? No. No, I don't, at least right now. Doesn't stop me from wanting one.)

  • Mike Leach has a great habit of producing quarterbacks I simply adore despite never having heard of them before they become the next Red Raider 4000 yard passing king. Texas Tech starter Taylor Potts has an amazing mustache, a great arm, and was nearly decapitated by the Texas d-line a few weeks back and kept playing, and over the weekend back-up Steven Sheffield threw for more than 400 yards when Potts was out with a concussion. In other football news, things I am already tired of hearing about this season: Tim Tebow; Bobby Bowden. Play or don't play, retire or keep coaching Florida State into mediocrity, I really don't fucking care. NEXT.

  • I'm rooting for the Yankees in the playoffs. In part this is because my baseball team is bad and I live with a Yankees fan and it's nice to have an interest in a team that wins, but mostly it's because my late grandfather, who passed away in July, was a lifelong -- 70+ years -- Yankees fan. If the Yankees win the World Series this year, it'll be at least, unintentionally, a little in part for my Papou. And I will defend the fuck out of my choice to root for this team, this year, to the death.

  • The next few weeks are an even crazier-than-usual blur with the end of training and going back to finally actually start doing my new job, a million concerts both here and out of town alike, football, the State Fair, fall college baseball, a flying visit from my mom and her siblings, and I'm not going to front: it'll probably be November before I post again. But at least I'll be having fun while I'm not here? :D? :D?
Today is a federal holiday. I'm wearing pajamas and watching SportsCenter and drinking coffee on a Monday morning. Doesn't get better than this.
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You guys, I really got nothing. I just feel guilty when I don't post for, uh, a month.
  • I've mostly been running around on a crazy concert schedule, taking pictures, watching baseball, and suffering through the epic endless training program for my new job. It's a pretty good life.

  • I've even picked up some paid (!!!) photo work lately, and not just paid in: guest list spots; beer; offers of sexual favors; offers of illegal drugs; eternal gratitude. Paid in cash and real credits. It's crazy and weird and amazing, and I feel like a failure at it all the time.

  • The new job, which is not so new anymore, is awesome. Stressful and scary, sometimes, but awesome.

  • I am in search of an album, because I want to hear it before I buy it; I want to know if it's as good as their first album, which was quietly supremely stellar. I suspect no one out there has it, because random indie Americana bands from Brooklyn aren't, you know, readily available on the internets, but if anybody has Jones Street Station's In Verses, gimme that album now. I'll trade you my undying affection for it.

  • Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] katlike, I discovered and am really loving C-Monster's blog, which is about Art with a Big A. Recommend some other blogs to me that are like this one? I'm less interested in the scene in a particular city -- unless it's one of the Triangle cities -- than I am in Art In General.

  • Here, have the song I can't get out of my head this week: [The Rosebuds -- "Hold Hands And Fight"] 3MB, .mp3. The thing I love about Ivan and Kelly is that they make this music with supremely depressing lyrics and it sounds so goddamned cheerful.
So far today the best thing I've accomplished was washing a cat. It was about as much fun as you'd expect.
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Today I think we should play a game I have just made up, which is called "Share songs with funny or kick-ass titles, regardless of the quality of the actual song, though it would be nice if they weren't terrible".

I will start: [The Fake Fictions -- "Snappy Answers To Stupid Questions"] 5MB, .mp3.

Now you go.

I spent Saturday [here], watching about 50% of my favorite local bands rock it down on the campus of a biofuels plant in the middle of nowhere, Chatham County, NC. Such is life, occasionally. Nobody got sunburnt, nobody got embarrassingly drunk, and everyone had fun. Well, at least I had fun and I think everyone else had fun. That's what counts, right?

I have had an unreleased song by a beloved beloved local band stuck in my head for the last two days, and I find the whole thing vaguely irritating; it's become the worst part, the only really bad part, of seeing the same bands over and over again while they're between releases, knowing and loving these songs that I have no access to listen to outside of a live setting. Or, I suppose, even worse than that: knowing and loving these songs, and finally getting them on an album, and realizing that the album really sort of sucks. That happened this year, too.

In other news, the NC DMV also sucks.
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  • real life shit )

  • With re: Dreamwidth. Eventually I am going to import my journal and start cross-posting, but for the moment, I am just posting on LJ. For what it's worth/for your reading list maintenance/etc etc etc. I am reading my Dreamwidth list actively, though, if that matters to your maintenance.

  • I also have four three one Dreamwidth code left, so if you still want/need one, leave an email address I can send one to. First come first serve, anybody eligible!

  • Flickr and/or Yahoo finally fixed the bug that wouldn't let me renew my paid account sometime in the last few weeks, and so I am all renewed up through June 2010. HOORAY. It is, without a doubt, the best thing I pay for on the internet every year. Except for maybe live StatTracker for my fantasy baseball team. But probably not.

  • Classic bands of the 80s and 90s whose greatest hits/best album I should add to iTunes? shep. and I rocked out to the Bangles' Greatest Hits and Salt-n-Pepa's Very Necessary on Saturday, and I just re-imported The Immaculate Collection, but I need some ideas of other things to import/track down/etc etc etc. GOOD CHEESY AMAZING BAD AWESOME SUMMER MUSIC, PLS.

  • Drinking coffee, applying to day jobs at Duke, catching up on podcasts. Blah blah blah blah blah. MY LIFE IS BORING, OKAY?
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Dear friends inside the internets machine:

Hello! It's been a while, hasn't it? Here are some things that are going on with me right now:
  1. I have a Dreamwidth account. I don't know what I'm going to use it for yet, because let's face it: I've been pretty crap at LiveJournal recently anyway, and I've been out of active fandom for almost a year at this point, but I have the account. Do with that information what you will, and as soon as I get my own shit together, perhaps I will do with that information something as well.

  2. None of you have asked me this question, but approximately fourteen other people have over the course of the last two weeks, including at least six just last night, so the answer is: no, I am not going to Shakori Hills (a kickass roots music festival 45 minutes from my apartment). Reasons for this are three: I'm broke like a joke and weekend passes there are fucking expensive; we have tickets to all three UNC/Miami baseball games this weekend anyway; I don't fucking camp, because I am too old to sleep on the goddamned ground anymore. The last of those three seems to be the reason that best gets people off my back about it. Musicians, oddly, don't seem to understand the commitment to baseball.

  3. Here is the answer to another question, though I'm not going to tell you what the question is; just know that this answer has been a fairly constant refrain here at the Alpha Site over, oh, the last couple of months: because we don't know any normal people.

  4. I've been doing a fair amount of shooting in studio while musicians record lately, and I am craving the opportunity to do more. Do you live in the Triangle? Do you have a band? Do you want me to come over and take pictures while you record and/or rehearse? :D? :D? I promise not to fall off chairs onto anyone, puts cats in anyone's hair, or have complex arguments about who's actually out of tune, the guitar or the banjo. I am quiet and unobtrusive and I won't drink all your beer! I swear! :D?

  5. I personally feel that the world would be a better place if more people played the banjo-ukelele. The banjolele, if you will.

  6. About, oh, two months ago, they started renovating the previously-empty bar next door to my office. This distresses me on multiple levels, the first being that I'd lusted after doing a promo shoot with some friends in a band in there, before the construction workers ripped out the gorgeous old vintage mahogany bar, but I didn't get to that stage in my friendship with those boys before they ripped it out. The second level of distress is that we were treated to two straight months of jackhammering and pounding and walls shaking as they ripped out of the old floor and then the concrete below it, and today we have a noise respite -- but the varnish they're using is seeping into our office and I'm high as a fucking kite and I have a headache, even though we have the doors open and a fan going, and I've only been here two hours.

  7. I have sucked at my job lately, which has caused me to avoid my boss, which has caused me to not have anything to do aside from the stuff I'm avoiding doing, and it's just this vicious circle of suck at my day job and all I want to do is run off and become a professional rock and roll photographer, which is not at all feasible for a variety of reasons. I have one thing to accomplish today, something I have been putting off for a week out of laziness and grumpiness, and I have to get it done. Or I'm going to put myself on notice.

  8. Also it seems to have started raining. Eff you, North Carolina, I just want some consistently nice weather for a while, Jesus Christ.
That's all I know, friends in the internets machine! I hope you are all doing well. You could tell me cheerful things, if you wanted, so that I do not lose my shit and punch someone in the face today.

Love and kisses,
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What I did on my 29th birthday yesterday:
  • took a conference call in my pajamas
  • discussed proper seduction-by-playlist procedure (not on the conference call; on im, during the conference call)
  • cleaned my room in my pajamas and a tiara
  • took pictures of my cat in the dryer
  • downloaded a leak of the new Booker T album
  • went to see the Carolina baseball team play Princeton
  • went to Target and bought a shitload of groceries and also two new lamps
  • went to bed early like an old person, dreamed of nice things, woke up rested this morning
May the rest of 29 be so kick ass.

Now I have to go to an inexplicably boring meeting. SIGH.

P.S. YOU HAVE UNTIL NOON TODAY TO PUT AN ENTRY IN MY TOURNAMENT POOL: http://games.espn.go.com/tcmen/group?groupID=77657. Group name is The Alpha Site, password is "bcsucks" without the quotation marks. No more than two entries per person!
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  • There was totally something I wanted to post about today, but I can't remember what it was. God damn it.

  • From [livejournal.com profile] quicknow, a classic Bobby Knight quote: "Best of all, Knight recounted a conversation he had with Dean Smith ten years earlier, in which he told Coach Smith, 'You have to get that wins record, Dean, because Adolph Rupp was a son of a bitch, and you aren’t.'" Bobby, you are trufax my favorite dude on Game Day. You and your grumpiness and your old man sweaters and the way you're mean to Digger and Jay and Hubie and Rece, but in a loving way. A loving mean way.

  • Speaking of Game Day, if you are capable of watching Digger Phelps dance with two Cal cheerleaders without cracking a smile, I am afraid that I have to tell you that you might have no soul. This is seriously one of the funniest, most embarrassing, most amazing things I have ever seen on the internet.

  • This morning when I left the house it was 18 degrees. Those of you who live in places that are routinely colder than the NC are sneering at me, but seriously: I live here so I don't have to deal with that kind of weather. I live here because I like mild winters and early spring and long falls, and I am willing to suffer the sweltering summers for those things. I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS KIND OF WEATHER IN MARCH, YOU GUYS. >:(

  • Speaking of March, two weeks from today I will be 29. I am, quite frankly, far more freaked out about 29 than I am about turning 30 next year. 30 seems like an adventure. 29 is just scary. That said, should you feel the desire to gift me with things in celebration of my getting older, I have a tag for things I want on delicious and an Amazon wishlist. Feel free to ignore the obscenely expensive camera lenses on the Amazon wishlist.

  • OH! I remembered what I wanted to post about. You guys, we have the worst shower-related maintenance luck in the world. Here is a list of shower-related trauma we have suffered since living in this apartment: terrible water pressure, resulting in shower being nicknamed Greg Maddux (because he's known for peeing on teammates in the shower, and it was like being peed on when we used our shower, and ... you get it); handles for both hot and cold water and shower falling off in our hands, multiple times; thermostat on water heater burning out; water heater dying completely; tiles on shower wall buckling out inexplicably; tiles on shower wall buckling out again, five days after being fixed. Our shower is crap, you guys, and I am so fucking tired of dealing with all our shower related issues.

  • I am trying to listen to everything I have unplayed in my iTunes today, music and podcasts both, which is good because there's some good stuff in there -- [livejournal.com profile] fitofpique, that Fanfarlo album is fucking kickass, thank you for that -- but all I really want to do is listen to Tim Barry's first album and the Truckers shows from DC where Cooley had to be frontman all by himself over and over. I hate having a lot of stuff backed up, though, and most of what I have listened to so far has been A++, so it's not a total wash. Just. I should manage my library better, sometimes.Back to writing marketing materials for one of my projects, I suppose. It's so boring I am thinking about taking a nap under my desk.
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  1. [Tim Barry @ the Local 506] 02.28.09. Supported by Josh Small and Austin Lucas. At first I thought I was having trouble with overexposing everything because a couple of weeks ago shooting outside, I had dumped my ISO down to 200 and promptly forgotten about it; and, while I can get away with that in the Lincoln and the National (all my Jason Isbell photos were shot at 200ISO), I can't in the 506, but then it turned out that even with the 50mm lens, there's not really a way to overcome the nights when the 506 goes with their lovely two-lights-and-both-of-them-are-gelled-red scheme. (This lighting scheme makes me want to punch people in the face.) Also, Tim Barry was flaily and twitched a lot. That said: the lighting sucked and I was frustrated with what I got shooting, but all three guys were fucking kick ass performers, Tim Barry especially was totally amazing, shep.'s company is always A+, and I did take one really killer shot. So there's that.

  2. This is what it looks like in Chapel Hill today. This is what I, consequently, look like: >:((((((((. The weather forecast for this coming Saturday here? Highs in the mid-70s. I DON'T EVEN KNOW ANYMORE, EXCEPT THAT I KNOW I AM DONE WITH WINTER. >:(

  3. On Friday we caught up on BSG and Bones. Saturday we went to the farmer's market (cold, rainy, oddly empty of vendors for this time of year, likely due to a) cold and b) rain) and did the grocery shopping and went to the library, and then we watched a lot of basketball before we went to see TIm Barry. Sunday I cleaned the bathroom and did a load of laundry and made soup in the crock pot and we had a fly-by visit from [livejournal.com profile] quicknow, on her way home up I-85, and then I watched most of all three LOTR movies on TNT and spent a fair numbers of hours fucking around on Flickr.

  4. I have a shitload of work to do this week and I don't want to do any of it. I want to go home and sleep for another six hours, and then I want to watch a bunch of CSI reruns on the TiVo and eat some soup, and then I want to go back to bed. It's too gloomy to do anything else.
Holy crap, my life is so boring.
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