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18-25 October 2010 OTW Donation Drive graphic

Back in the spring, [livejournal.com profile] rossetti roped me in to thinking about getting involved with the OTW; she stayed on me and on me over the summer; I spent three months reading epic Harry Potter fics on Archive of Our Own in July; and in August, I let her rope me in, and I've been serving as a staffer on the Development & Membership committee since then.

The OTW is in the final days of our October fundraising drive, and in the last months, I've gotten to work with some of the most brilliant, driven, funny women I've had the pleasure of meeting in fandom. I love reading fic on AO3 because it's all just there and easy to find and it doesn't disappear. If you post on the AO3, or love fandom, or just have a whole whackload of extra cash lying around that you'd like to get rid of, click that graphic up there and think about donating it to OTW. It's a damn good cause. DO IT.
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Okay, so, guys, please tell me I'm not crazy: at some point this winter, I swear to God I read a lovely lengthy fic about Arya Stark from George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series; without spoiling much for the story or the books, it was Arya, much later, at the Eyrie, a ways off in the future. Did anybody else read this story? Tell me I'm not crazy. Tell me what this story was, and where I read it, and possibly why I didn't bookmark it. (It's not a Yuletide story -- I already looked there.)
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many unrelated paragraphs:
  1. there's a sports night renaissance going around on livejournal, and it couldn't make me happier. two new communities that you might have missed are [livejournal.com profile] csc_memo, a noticeboard community for sports night fic, icons, meta and everything else under the sun, and [livejournal.com profile] sn_playbook, a flashfiction community modeled on [livejournal.com profile] ds_flashfiction and [livejournal.com profile] sga_flashfic. the first challenge was posted yesterday, so you should go check it out. and if that's not enough sports night fandom for you, check out [livejournal.com profile] celli's post about the sports night panel from muskrat jamboree, where there's lots of other exciting things in the offing.

  2. along with the sticky note i keep on my desktop with plot bunnies, i keep one with stray titles, mostly snippets of lyrics that i think will make good titles, usually attached to a fandom: a farscape story that i'm saving 'til i've watched the whole series called "i can't eat 'cause she can't cook"; a black donnellys story called "the best minds of my generation can't make bail"; a due south story (possibly my obligatory post-cotw story set in canada) called "you're at the arctic circle playing strip poker". i spend a lot of time staring at my list of titles and trying to come up with the stories that go with them, and every once in a while i go through and prune the list, deleting titles and/or appropriating the titles for things i've written that didn't have a title already (see also: every hope at any cost, which had been on the list for six months by the time i used it). am i the only person who collects titles? please tell me you guys do this, too, so i don't feel so weird.

  3. now that the thesis is turned in (see how i said that, totally off-hand? turned it in this morning, walked outside, and did a little shimmy on the front steps of my building), i am looking forward to getting back to my to-write list of plot bunnies. (after, that is, i do my homework for abstracting & indexing that's due next week, arrgh. damn it, school, i made a thesis, LEAVE ME ALONE NOW.) writing makes me happy, and no wonder i've been so cranky these last few weeks: between thesis and not sleeping and not writing fiction because of thesis, it was like the worst of all possible minervacat-headspace cases.

  4. i finally watched the first two episodes of the new season of doctor who on saturday night, and i sort of think that i've forgotten how to talk about tv, but mostly i really enjoyed them. spoilers for doctor who 3x01 and 3x02: smith & jones and the shakespeare code )

  5. things i learned in the month of march include the fact that if sitting on your couch in sweatpants, a basketball jersey bearing the number of your future ex-husband and a tiara is the only way you're going to edit your thesis, sometimes it's just what you've got to do.
'sup, kids? and omgwtf is up with this weather? i moved to north carolina so i wouldn't have to suffer cold weather in april anymore, and this is just so not on. (okay, okay, so i moved to north carolina for graduate school, but there was a reason i didn't apply to a single library program north of chapel hill, for reals. AND THAT REASON WAS THE WEATHER, IE, NOT COLD.)
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[ways you never want to start a monday: by losing a desktop computer. it's on, it pings, we have no fracking clue where it is, since it's not in the spot where our database says it's supposed to be. but i suppose that's better than last week, wherein someone (and by someone, i mean one of my coworkers) broke campus authentication on every machine in two libraries.]

i had an idea last week. (i have lots of ideas. [livejournal.com profile] insidian and [livejournal.com profile] oracleasb have to hear all of them, and these ideas usually start with me exclaiming, "IF I DID THIS FANDOM WOULD FREAK OUT COMPLETELY OMG I HAVE TO DO THIS" (rarely do i follow through on those ideas, thankfully) or calling one of them and launching into excited babble about some great plan without even saying hello. they are both very, very patient enablers women. i wouldn't put up with me.)

anyway, i had an idea, and the idea is this:


if you writers and vidders out there (or, hell, you readers and watchers) are anything like me, you have more ideas in your head than you can ever write. or you have ideas where you think, "hell, man, [livejournal.com profile] cesperanza or [livejournal.com profile] rageprufrock or [insert name here] could do that idea so much better than i could, i'm not even going to bother."

AND SO THESE FIC BUNNIES WHITHER UP AND DIE, NEVER TO BE WRITTEN. and they SHOULD be written. but, you know, by someone who isn't you. or me. you know.

and so i have an idea: let your bunnies go here. free those bunnies, send them out into the world where someone with more time or more patience or simply a more demented mind than yours could corral them and domesticate them and post them for everyone's joy. maybe you have no bunnies, but you're looking for some - ADOPT THEM HERE! take these bunnies home and put them in their comfortable word document hutch and feed them carrots and nuture them! maybe you don't write but you have a great idea - post it here! BUNNY FLEA MARKET FOR ALL. (i might be taking this metaphor too far.)

interested? read the rules here )

i turned comment notification off, so don't worry about spamming my inbox. read the rules and go the hell to town, fandom. AND PIMP THIS. i want all of every fandoms here posting, okay?
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west wing 7x05: here today - SPOILERS )

aaron sorkin broke my heart about a million times, starting with the end of the first episode of sports night, but he never did it irreparably, the way west wing broke my heart this week.

desperate housewives 2x05: they asked me why i believe in you - SPOILERS )

i should have done all kinds of grown up things last night, like clean the bathtub and do my dishes, and instead i lay on the couch after i finished my homework and watched episodes of friends and ate cream cheese icing straight from the container. most of the time i do a pretty good impression of an adult, but sometimes you just have to act like a teenager. it's good for the brain.

the best part of last night's daily show was jon stewart's expression while commenting on al roker's camera guy holding him to the ground during wilma. and then roker falling over. oh, jon stewart, my love for you cannot be textually rendered.

some of you may recall that back in december and january i read an obscene amount of due south fic, despite not knowing anything about the canon, as i was percolating and then writing the boondock saints/angel epic. in the last two weeks, i have consumed what can only be considered an unholy amount of stargate: atlantis fic, despite having protested vehemently that i was NOT INTERESTED in the show and despite knowing zippo about canon. this brings me to two conclusions: a.) i'm gearing up to produce another 75,000 word epic, and hopefully this time it's a novel i can try to sell, and b.) as soon as i can figure out who to blame for the fact that i've got another goddamned new fandom, i am going to blame that person noisily and in large font all over your friends lists.

i fucking hate you all, scifi friday people. I HATE YOU AND YOUR STUPID STARGATE SHOW SO MUCH. rec me excellent epic mckay/sheppard fics, pls.
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so say you're at work, trying to teach yourself how to use this new software that no one in your department understands yet, and you click over to a new tab in the application and there's a button there that says, "generate OTP".

there is really nothing you can do in that situation but make yourself an icon.

i mean, your bosses wouldn't have given you photoshop cs if they didn't want you making icons at work, right?
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ten things that are making me happy right now, monday morning at one thirty seven am
  1. last night both parts of "in the shadow of two gunmen" were on, on the abc saturday night reruns, back to back. this is never a time when i don't want to watch those two episodes. so fucking brilliant.

  2. this exchange on [livejournal.com profile] overheardnyc:
    Crazy lady: Canada doesn't do this. You see this? You see this open gate blocking the sidewalk? Canada would never do this. This would never happen in Canada. Look at all these garbage bags on the side of the street. Now, that's glamorous. Real glamorous. This would never happen in Toronto. Canada would never do this. Hey, you! Canada doesn't do this.
    Guy: Canada doesn't do a lot of things.
    for some reason i find this exchange EXTRA HILARIOUS. possibly because it is almost two am.


  4. this song. this song. is so terrible. it is BAD POP. not even ironic bad pop. just bad. but i listened to this song a hundred times in the tiny hotel room in russell square that i shared with dianabarry and sid's roommate e. when we lived together in london. and it never fails to make me laugh.

  5. there's this photo of cee's husband in entertainment weekly this week (the fall movie preview) that is absolutely delicious.

  6. all i have left to pack is my wine glasses and the stuff in the bathroom.

  7. a warm sleepy kitty on my lap.

  8. the boy was writing a play in the other room, and drinking lots of coffee, and then he made me read the second act. sometimes living with him is like living with adam sandler on a particularly hyperactive day, but i am going to miss him like a torso when i'm in nc and he's still here.

  9. it's so quiet outside right now. i forget that sometimes even chicago goes to sleep.

  10. the cubs are so bad that they're totally not going to win the world series this year when i'm not living in the city. what? that's a good thing. i don't want to miss it when it finally happens.
i think i'm so tired i'm delirious. whoops.
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i am a misanthropic cynical optimist. which means that i want to believe that good things will happen, but everyone sucks and consequently nothing good actually will ever happen.

i have decided that if i do one small task every night from now until my job is finished, i will feel less overwhelmed about moving. tonight i did two loads of laundry, and i would have untangled the rat's nest of power cables and ethernet cords and various usb to firewire converters that live in a large crate, except that all of our rubber bands disintegrated after sitting in the sun, so that was a plan foiled. i was going to write about stealing rubber bands from work and what are they going to do, fire me? except that i'll probably just go to staples instead, because also i need bigger packing envelopes so i can send buffy to [livejournal.com profile] stumbledhere and [livejournal.com profile] sumbitch; dvds i have yet to mail because I SUCK.


last night [livejournal.com profile] insidian and e. and i watched monk, and somehow we ended up talking about what would happen if adrian monk met benton fraser and ray kowalski. clearly monk would be simultaneously fascinated by (he's so neat! and organized! and a stickler for procedure in theory if not practice!) and repulsed by (he licks things! he jumps in dumpsters!) fraser, and ray would be completely frustrated by both of them. two people as weird (in different ways) as fraser, and ray would not be able to handle it at all.

plus, trying to order pizza for the three of them would be the funniest thing ever.

monk is my latest television obsession. monk and daria reruns on that other nickelodeon channel, which still refuses to give me the adventures of pete and pete, damn it.
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  1. the people at u.s. news & world reports research departments are incredibly intelligent, friendly and patient. i called them yesterday and they answered a metric buttload of annoying, nitpicky questions about their college rankings. go team u.s. news & world reports.

  2. MARK PRIORZ ELBOE IZ PASTEDE ON GOOD YAY! (which is to say: 6 scoreless one-hit innings in his first start back from the dl? rock the fuck on, mark. rock on.)

  3. last night i spent an hour helping loud bill and k. paint their apartment. i spent a lot of time painting in college, when i worked in the scene shop, and i had forgotten how mind-numbing and therapeutic it is. even when it's really fucking hot out.

  4. if i made a bunch of text icons with west wing quotes on them, would anyone use them? eta: that looks like a yes. i'll go through the imdb quotes page for ideas, but if you want to suggest anything, leave me a comment.

  5. we should have digital cable by now, but rcn cable is a bunch of stupid motherfuckers, and despite four hours of cable guys in our house yesterday, still no digital cable. the tivo in the living room is recording nothing right now! this is a tragedy of the highest order!

  6. as i get into the meat of homicide s4, a rundown of characters i continue to actually give a shit about: vague s4 casting spoilers )

  7. my life right now feels like a constant cycle of sleep, work, make annoying phone calls about loans and financial aid and doctor's appointments, throw shit away in my chicago apartment, fill out forms and mail them to north carolina, sleep, work, repeat. plus in addition to the tedium of my daily life, my mood lately has been: it's hot i hate everything you all suck stop being such fucking morons1 why won't you do what i want you to i hate everything it's hot i'm tired *drunk*, which is not exactly exciting. but i felt like i should post today so that you lot wouldn't worry that i was dead or anything.

  8. because i'm not dead or dismembered or anything, so that's one in the plus column.
1: which is not to say that you people suck or are morons, just that the fuse on my temper is so small as to be practically non-existent these days, and my mother taught me it's better to say nothing if you can't say something nice.
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  1. has everyone seen this incredible parody of edward gorey's gashlycrumb tinies, as filtered through the harry potter universe? [livejournal.com profile] chronographia has done some truly incomparable art - my favorite is k is for krum, devoured by a dragon.

  2. the boy and i think that someone should make a live-action chrestomanci movie. we suggest the nine lives of christopher chant, as witch week is stupid and the magicians of caprona drags in places, and christopher chant is funny and moves along nicely and has all those other worlds in it, which would lead to delicious opportunity for special effects and cg and so on and so forth. so. get on that, people. more diana wynne jones movies! children's fantasy movies sell! see also harry potter!

  3. trailers seen this weekend: serenity (i nearly flailed off my seat in the theater at this one); charlie and the chocolate factory (johnny is so delightfully creepy); pride and prejudice (the one with my hotass girlfriend, and it is going to be AWFUL and i am going to go see it anyway). i was hoping for goblet of fire, but no dice.

  4. so i watched the veronica mars pilot last night, tivoed, and, well, eh. i'm still indifferent. plus i'm spoiled for pretty much every big plot point this year, which doesn't give me a ton of incentive for continuing to watch, you know? but it's pretty and i've been promised that the voiceovers get less annoying, so i'll try the rest of the reruns this summer and reserve judgment until i've seen a little more. what i'm looking for, though, is a site that lists all the music in the soundtrack, broken down by episode, because the soundtrack? the soundtrack kicks ass.

  5. in other news, great literature made better by adding kevin millar. oh, kevin millar, i love you and your ridiculous ugly hair.
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