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  1. I had an epic post about baseball that was eaten when my laptop fried out a memory chip on Sunday night, but the gist was: no matter how far removed we get from that mid-90s version of it, when I think of the Braves' starting rotation, I still think Smoltz Glavine Maddux Millwood; filled out the last page in my scorebook a few weeks ago, am glad for cleanliness and sturdiness of new one, miss the history of seven years' baseball attendance from the old one (HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHAT SHORTSTOPS FROM CLEMSON ARE CAPABLE OF IF I CAN'T SEE THAT THEY WENT 2 FOR 14, REACHED ON TWO ERRORS, AND SCORED ON A BALK AGAINST CAROLINA THIS YEAR >:(); growing fonder by the day of Orioles' first round draft pick (and now Rookie League pitcher) Matt Hobgood (he signed so early because he just wants to play baseball, he didn't care about the extra million! he has braces! he's so young his mama had to co-sign his contract! *heart hands*). Also, loving Brad Bergesen's pitching for the O's these days but not wild about our total inability to hold a lead after a lights-out 8IP performance from a good young starter. My baseball team is bad and I suspect they feel very bad about it. They better. I feel bad about them.

  2. I also now have a job. I will be working in a field office of a much-maligned branch of the federal government starting on Monday, and I'll be there for at least two years (my probation period), and probably longer. After two years of grad school and two years of contract employment and working from home, I am absolutely excited to have a computer and a desk and an 8 to 5 cube. Sure, I'll miss the CSI re-runs, but I've seen most of them by this point. Some stability and normalcy in my life will not go amiss. Also the ability to pay bills and get federal holidays off and have health insurance, awesome. And that is the last time that I will discuss my new job in public. But know that I'm excited about it!

  3. My brain is basically devoted full-time these days to the following: baseball, mostly minor league; live music and our local scene; cooking; reading everything in the known universe; Texts from Last Night; reading blogs about photography and coveting Pentax K1000's and Holgas and the new Olympus EP-1's and the Nikon E-series 100mm/f2.8 lens. If any of you have any of those camera things hanging around your house, and you're not using them (and frankly, if you have gotten your hands on an EP-1 and you're not using it, what the fuck are you, a flaming moron?), please send them to me. I would take very good care of them.

  4. I'm vaguely irritated by the Cobra Starship tour dates, because Charlotte is a Sunday and the closest other date is Richmond on a Tuesday, and as we all know, these days I only drive through Richmond to spit on the place on the way to somewhere more awesome. There are bands I'd go to Richmond for, at the right venue, but Cobra is not one of them. (Said bands: Okkervil River if there wasn't a closer date; the Avett Brothers but only at the National and only if there wasn't a better option here; Mason Jennings headlining the National. That's about it. Maybe the Truckers with a really good supporting line-up and no Triangle dates.) Richmond is bad and should feel bad for always being mean to us. But, you know, I haven't been to a bandom-bands show since Cobra last fall, so it's not like I appear to be invested or anything. I'm excited about the Cobras' new album, though, and I wish they'd just realize that there's more to the NC than Charlotte; there's a day off between Charlotte and Richmond, they could play the fucking Lincoln once in a while. Jeez, Gabe.

  5. Other albums coming out in the second half of the year that I'm excited about: the new Wye Oak; the new Bombadil; the new Megafaun; the new Avett Brothers (holy crap I am excited about that one); the final New West album of the Truckers' contract, the b-sides and outtakes one; the new AA Bondy. I would be excited about the new-new Truckers and the new Josh Ritter but we're not getting those until next year. And there are some local bands who either need to put out their new albums or just fucking give me all the rough cuts of what they've recorded so far to tide me over before I go to their houses and punch them in the kidneys.

  6. I have finally seen enough movies in the theater this year that I contemplated starting a list in my journal, like I've kept other years, but then I remembered that seeing Star Trek three times and Up twice doesn't actually mean I've seen 7 movies in the theater. I've just seen four (those two, plus Watchmen and the Brothers Bloom) ... multiple times. And frankly the rest of the year will probably just be me seeing the Harry Potter movie over and over again, and maybe Star Trek one more time, so a list is still sort of unnecessary. I used to see a lot of movies, and now that money gets spent on concert tickets and PBR.
That's all I got. Time to go to the library and do laundry and enjoy the penultimate day of my unemployment. How are you guys?
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pls don't repost or icon without asking, kthx. xoxo.

warped pictures )

the rest are here. i have a lot more to say about the weekend but i'm still not quite awake.
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I don't have a Cobras icon or a Jason icon at the moment, so Gee will have to do.
  1. COBRAS. We rolled back in from Norfolk at something ridiculous like 2 am this morning, and we both passed out for a couple of hours before shep. got up to go to work and I got up to go to the mall and have my film developed and work for a few hours at Panera.

    BUT THE COBRAS, YOU GUYS. cobras in charlotte and norfolk )

  2. Aaaaaaaaaand pictures are here. I know it's a little rude, especially in a fandom that runs on bartered media, but: you're welcome to use any of my photos, but please ask permission before you do, and don't repost them or icon them without my name attached. If you're interested in my photos but not the Cobras, my favorites are this one, this one, this one, this one, and this one.

  3. I'm gonna write Nate/Cash. CashNasty: best name for a Johnny Cash cover band y/mfy?

  4. Okay, kids: rec me your Cobra fic (I am not picky about pairing or au or kink or anything, I want it ALL) and your the Cab fic. HIT ME WITH ALL OF IT. (I know I read a fantastic Cab GSF story a few weeks ago; just straight-up GSF, no sex pollen or aliens made them do it or anything involved. AND I DIDN'T BOOKMARK IT. *sadface*)

  5. Anybody who paid attention to either my del.icio.us or my last.fm last week knows that I spent pretty much the whole week obsessing about Jason Isbell, the Drive-By Truckers (both pre- and post-Jason), and photography. more about the truckers and jason and my fascination with the disintegration of that partnership )

  6. Bobby Knight is joining the ESPN studio analysis team. Prepare for bleeping, ESPN! The General on ESPN = the greatest thing to ever happen to sports news, for real.

  7. I had a question here about integrating the auto-generated machine tags for Flickr photos that Last.fm creates on event pages with sorting my Flickr photos, but then I just went and added anything tagged with "concerts" to a single set and solved my problem for myself. Holy crap, that's a lot of (fairly mediocre until recently) concert photos!

  8. Can I complain about Flickr for a minute? I mean, don't get me wrong: it's the best online resource I pay for right now (I bought a permanent account on LJ a million years ago and so have not paid for it in years), and I am happy to give them $25 a year for my Pro account, because I have something close to 5000 photos up there. But I would like, very much, to be able to view a set and then see a list of all tags that appear on photos included in that set. And I can't figure out where to complain to them about that!

  9. My concert schedule between now and Memorial Day involves eleven shows and at least two trips out of town, so I guess it's safe to say that my fandom for 2008 is "driving long distances to see people I love play music". And that's without checking the schedules of at least three of my local favorites. That'll be 21 shows by June. Um, thank you, bandom? I think somehow this is Pete Wentz's fault. Everything is Pete Wentz's fault!

I am really, really ridiculously tired. *falls over exhausted*
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uploaded this album for [livejournal.com profile] megolas this week, so you guys get it, too: [the frames -- the cost] 49MB, .zip file. dreamy irish rock -- i described it to someone as "U2 meets mazzy star". fronted by glen hansard, who starred in the indie film once this year. and, hey, if anybody has their album burn the maps, hook a girl up? i've failed to track it down and i waaaant it. [livejournal.com profile] siriaeve ftw! thank you, hon.

in other news, we bought cobra starship tickets (charlotte and norfolk), and collectively, all four tickets cost less than two tickets to fall out boy in roanoke. gabe, i salute you and your tiny venue tour, but, dude, just fyi: there are better small venues in chicago than the subterranean. for the record. lots better small venues, including, just across the street and around the corner from the subterranean, the double door. p.weezy should have known this! (because, you know, i've been to better small venues in chicago, wherein i did not get my ass and my boobs groped, like i did at the okkervil river show at the sub. um. not that i'm bitter about that show or anything.) anyway! we will be in charlotte! and norfolk! and march is a long way off, but if you see us, come say hi. as shep. noted, it's likely that i'll be deaf from too many rock shows and she'll be tied to a chair in gabe's bus, but whatever. say hi!

i had a bunch of other stuff to say, but then i got distracted looking at pictures of patrick stump and thinking about baby!punk pete (like, pre-arma baby baby!punk pete), and i forgot what it was, and now i have to go yell at the sprint store until they fix my cell phone. my life is so exciting i can't stand it.

eta: i am usually shit at remembering birthdays, but today is [livejournal.com profile] traveller's birthday, and i can remember things for her. happy birthday, ceecakes. i wish you all the good things in the world, and i love you very much. ♥
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