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  1. [Baseball: Clemson @ Carolina] 03.06-08.09. Goddamn Clemson. (No offense, Clemson fans -- wait, no, actually: total offense, Clemson fans. Every single Clemson fan we encountered this weekend behaved like a total asshole, and a lot of them walked around looking like the CH smelled bad. Which, frankly, if your alma mater is in Clemson, South Carolina, you don't really have a leg to stand on, in my opinion. Also Chapel Hill doesn't smell bad. >:() Carolina took the series, and it was worth it just to send the Clemson fans home slightly less cocky than when they arrived.

    This isn't the best shot I took all weekend, but I think it's my favorite.

  2. [Caitlin Cary & Thad Cockrell @ the Pourhouse] 03.06.09. Raleigh, NC. Supported by Ivan Howard (the Rosebuds). What a killer show. Caitlin and Thad did a bunch of songs from Begonias, their duet album, to open (right after Christmas, I spent about three weeks listening to nothing but that album), and then Thad played a solo set, and then Caitlin came back and they covered Buck Owens and Thad played "She Ain't No You" for Caitlin and it was really, really fantastic.

  3. shep. and I have bought ourselves a farm share this spring! I am super excited about it, because we're trying to eat better, and eating more vegetables is a big part of that. It starts in April and it will be amazing.

  4. ... basically we have reached the stage in the year where everything I own smells like sunscreen and sweat and fresh-cut outfield grass and will continue to for the next three months, and the things my brain is devoted to basically narrows down to: photography; sleeping; live music; the Carolina baseball team. I would apologize in advance but I love those short dudes who ball unreservedly, and thus I regret nothing!

  5. Speaking of sunscreen, internets, please recommend to me a sunscreen that would be good for super, super sensitive skin. Because we have baseball season tickets that are in direct sun, we really have a need for good sunscreen; Banana Boat Sport works fine for all skin but my face -- but my face is so sensitive that Saturday's sunscreening caused three fresh zits to erupt. So: sunscreen for skin that takes offense at being breathed on wrong. Anybody? I'm willing to pay good money for a SPF30+ that won't make me look like a teenager after I use it.

  6. My new camera strap arrived Saturday and it's super cute and the perfect length for me -- long, so that Six sits at my hip instead of my waist when I sling the strap across my body -- and I can totally recommend this Etsy seller. She just sells camera straps and they are all super fantastically cute and reasonably priced. *thumbs up*
This is such a Monday sort of Monday. I have a ton to do and I keep staring at it like it's all written in some language I don't understand instead of actually just doing it.
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  • There was totally something I wanted to post about today, but I can't remember what it was. God damn it.

  • From [livejournal.com profile] quicknow, a classic Bobby Knight quote: "Best of all, Knight recounted a conversation he had with Dean Smith ten years earlier, in which he told Coach Smith, 'You have to get that wins record, Dean, because Adolph Rupp was a son of a bitch, and you aren’t.'" Bobby, you are trufax my favorite dude on Game Day. You and your grumpiness and your old man sweaters and the way you're mean to Digger and Jay and Hubie and Rece, but in a loving way. A loving mean way.

  • Speaking of Game Day, if you are capable of watching Digger Phelps dance with two Cal cheerleaders without cracking a smile, I am afraid that I have to tell you that you might have no soul. This is seriously one of the funniest, most embarrassing, most amazing things I have ever seen on the internet.

  • This morning when I left the house it was 18 degrees. Those of you who live in places that are routinely colder than the NC are sneering at me, but seriously: I live here so I don't have to deal with that kind of weather. I live here because I like mild winters and early spring and long falls, and I am willing to suffer the sweltering summers for those things. I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS KIND OF WEATHER IN MARCH, YOU GUYS. >:(

  • Speaking of March, two weeks from today I will be 29. I am, quite frankly, far more freaked out about 29 than I am about turning 30 next year. 30 seems like an adventure. 29 is just scary. That said, should you feel the desire to gift me with things in celebration of my getting older, I have a tag for things I want on delicious and an Amazon wishlist. Feel free to ignore the obscenely expensive camera lenses on the Amazon wishlist.

  • OH! I remembered what I wanted to post about. You guys, we have the worst shower-related maintenance luck in the world. Here is a list of shower-related trauma we have suffered since living in this apartment: terrible water pressure, resulting in shower being nicknamed Greg Maddux (because he's known for peeing on teammates in the shower, and it was like being peed on when we used our shower, and ... you get it); handles for both hot and cold water and shower falling off in our hands, multiple times; thermostat on water heater burning out; water heater dying completely; tiles on shower wall buckling out inexplicably; tiles on shower wall buckling out again, five days after being fixed. Our shower is crap, you guys, and I am so fucking tired of dealing with all our shower related issues.

  • I am trying to listen to everything I have unplayed in my iTunes today, music and podcasts both, which is good because there's some good stuff in there -- [livejournal.com profile] fitofpique, that Fanfarlo album is fucking kickass, thank you for that -- but all I really want to do is listen to Tim Barry's first album and the Truckers shows from DC where Cooley had to be frontman all by himself over and over. I hate having a lot of stuff backed up, though, and most of what I have listened to so far has been A++, so it's not a total wash. Just. I should manage my library better, sometimes.Back to writing marketing materials for one of my projects, I suppose. It's so boring I am thinking about taking a nap under my desk.
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  1. [Tim Barry @ the Local 506] 02.28.09. Supported by Josh Small and Austin Lucas. At first I thought I was having trouble with overexposing everything because a couple of weeks ago shooting outside, I had dumped my ISO down to 200 and promptly forgotten about it; and, while I can get away with that in the Lincoln and the National (all my Jason Isbell photos were shot at 200ISO), I can't in the 506, but then it turned out that even with the 50mm lens, there's not really a way to overcome the nights when the 506 goes with their lovely two-lights-and-both-of-them-are-gelled-red scheme. (This lighting scheme makes me want to punch people in the face.) Also, Tim Barry was flaily and twitched a lot. That said: the lighting sucked and I was frustrated with what I got shooting, but all three guys were fucking kick ass performers, Tim Barry especially was totally amazing, shep.'s company is always A+, and I did take one really killer shot. So there's that.

  2. This is what it looks like in Chapel Hill today. This is what I, consequently, look like: >:((((((((. The weather forecast for this coming Saturday here? Highs in the mid-70s. I DON'T EVEN KNOW ANYMORE, EXCEPT THAT I KNOW I AM DONE WITH WINTER. >:(

  3. On Friday we caught up on BSG and Bones. Saturday we went to the farmer's market (cold, rainy, oddly empty of vendors for this time of year, likely due to a) cold and b) rain) and did the grocery shopping and went to the library, and then we watched a lot of basketball before we went to see TIm Barry. Sunday I cleaned the bathroom and did a load of laundry and made soup in the crock pot and we had a fly-by visit from [livejournal.com profile] quicknow, on her way home up I-85, and then I watched most of all three LOTR movies on TNT and spent a fair numbers of hours fucking around on Flickr.

  4. I have a shitload of work to do this week and I don't want to do any of it. I want to go home and sleep for another six hours, and then I want to watch a bunch of CSI reruns on the TiVo and eat some soup, and then I want to go back to bed. It's too gloomy to do anything else.
Holy crap, my life is so boring.
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  1. [Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit @ the Lincoln] 02.20.09. Raleigh, NC. This was a fucking kick ass night.

  2. [Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit @ the National] 02.21.09. The National has such great light, Jason never puts on a bad show, and that's really, really all I have to say about that.

  3. In other Richmond related news, your traffic is bad, Richmond, and your rivers are dangerous, and your best venue has a shit photography policy, expects me to pay four bucks for a PBR, and only uses Ticketmaster for tickets. THAT IS THREE STRIKES, I AM D-O-N-E DONE. Richmond, Virginia, I am finished with you, you rotten third rate piece of crap, and you can stuff that anywhere uncomfortable that you want to. (On record: the staff at the emergency room at the VCU hospital are fantastic professionals. They are the best part of Richmond, though I generally recommend just staying out of the emergency room in general. I know [livejournal.com profile] quicknow agrees.)

  4. Last week I ordered a card reader for the SD cards that live in all the cameras in our house, and it is seriously the best five bucks (19 cents plus 4.50 in shipping) I have spent all year.

  5. The song I've got stuck in my head this morning: [OutKast -- "Spottieottiedopaliscious"] 7MB, .mp3. Hip hop is rarely my default go-to genre -- that would be Americana-esque stuff, usually -- but I've been on a big old OutKast kick for the last 24 hours. This is such a great song.

  6. The song that's most appropriate to my mood this morning: [John Paul Keith & The One Four Fives -- "Rock N Roll Will Break Your Heart"] 6MB, .mp3.

  7. The Poodle has reached the stage in my growing out of my short haircut that, on Saturday, under the weight of itself, it suddenly stopped wanting to stand up all over my head and started hanging nicely (albeit a little like a very curly mop) on my head instead. I am well pleased by this, except that I'm not sure what I want to do with it or how long I want to grow it. I'm also not sure why I felt you guys needed to know this, but apparently I did.

  8. Today is one of those deceptive days in February in the NC where it looks sunny and gorgeous outside, and then the wind starts up and slices right through any coat you put on, and it's no Chicago but god damn it, I am really, really ready for spring.

  9. For those of you following along at home with last week's poll, I have decided to go with the reversible strap. Stripes are too awesome to pass up.
I like lists because then I don't have to think up segues between the stuff I want to talk about.
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  1. [Holy Ghost Tent Revival @ the Blind Tiger] 02.13.09. Blind Tiger, Greensboro. Supported by Emily Moore, Kooley High & Inflowential. A thoroughly excellent evening, despite the fact that I will never ever ever enjoy the crowd HGTR draws in G'boro. On the other hand, I will also never ever ever get tired of shooting those boys.

  2. [The Old Ceremony @ the Cat's Cradle] 02.14.09. Cat's Cradle, Carrboro. Supported by Roman Candle. CD release show. Another out of this world show, save one moment late in the set, when I nearly got into it with the official videographer for the band -- I didn't mind moving out of the way for her to film the encore, but I definitely minded being shoved out of the way while I was taking a picture, without so much as an excuse me or a request for me to give up the front of stage spot that [livejournal.com profile] triskellita had thoughtfully staked before the set started for my crazy camera toting ass.

    I never mind moving but I do mind being bullied out of the way. RUDE IS BAD, KIDS.

  3. On Sunday shep. and I used a Valentine's Day Target gift card from my parental units to buy two new sets of sheets and a huge bag of cat food. This is a very good indicator of my life lately, as in, things I get excited about: grocery shopping so that I can cook; new housewares; Carolina baseball (season starts Friiiiiiiiiiday); new camera gear; live music; talking about how awesome our shenanigans will be once we move out of the apartment and into either a rented or purchased house-with-yard-for-dog-and-grill-and-wading-pool; Jason Isbell; Carolina basketball; flip-flop weather; new t-shirts from Threadless; using my increasingly complex budget spreadsheet to actually pay down debt and save money.

    I think this is what they call "being a grown-up". In other news, I can no longer rock as hard as I used to: Friday night shows where the headlining set doesn't end until almost 2 am, canonically becoming too late for me, especially when they're an hour out of town. SADNESS.

  4. I have a half-dollar sized bruise on the outside of my left knee, courtesy of the stage at the Blind Tiger on Friday night; I didn't notice until 2/3rds of the way through the evening that I'd been leaning on a bolt all night until my knee twinged when I shifted my weight. Shooting this summer in sundresses and shorts is going to be interesting, because my legs pretty much perpetually look like someone's been beating me. You wouldn't think that stage monitors have sharp edges until you spend three hours with your shins pressed against one.

  5. I found the conclusion to this past Friday's Psych utterly fantastic, and brief spoiler )

  6. I don't think I mentioned that shep. and I spent most Sundays in January watching Avatar: the Last Airbender on DVD from Netflix, but we did, and I fell completely in love, and sometimes I spend a lot of time at work staring at the ceiling and thinking about Sokka, who is my most favorite of all favorites. Then I think about Aang and Katara and Zuko and Appa and Toph and Iroh and Momo, who are all tied for my next favorite.

  7. Yesterday I bought a 50mm/f1.8 lens off Craigslist for $55. Sometimes, obsessively trolling the photo listings pays the fuck off. Hilariously, though, I have to coordinate with the father of the guy I'm buying the lens from to actually exchange cash for glass. Craigslist, sometimes you baffle yet delight me.

  8. I am having a terrible hair day and also a banjo playing Canadian gave me the plague.
This is sort of an epic entry, but I figure if I only post once a week, I can make up for it in length.
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  1. [Chicago] is the sort of place a photographer could never get tired of, because it's so huge and it's always changing. I had a lovely weekend with [livejournal.com profile] insidian, who tolerated my habit of stopping every five feet to take a picture and who fed me incredibly well, but I also hold fast to the belief that our weather is better than Chicago's weather, and I am turning into one of those old people who makes location decisions based on the weather. Spring happens in February in the NC. Sometimes winter comes back in March for a few days, but mostly, spring, February, everyone is happy.

  2. Speaking specifically of the weather: if you live somewhere cold, this might make you sad )

    I took advantage of the weather (and Tuesdays being my work from home days) yesterday and went out and farted around in [Chatham County] with the camera. It's always nicer to have company, which I did not, but it was still lovely to be outside.

  3. Anybody out there who has experience with renting camera lenses? I am tentatively eventually in the market for the purchase of a 50mm lens and while I'd love to buy the Nikkor 50mm/f1.4 (uuuuuuuuugh you guys my lust for this lens is only matched by my lust for the Tamron 12-24mm macro wide angle lens), the 50mm/f1.8 is waaaaaaaay more in my potential price range, so I was toying with the idea of renting a 50/1.8 lens for a couple of weeks, to see how it stands up to the low light in the crappiest of our venues and also taking pictures of baseball, as these are my two big lens requirements. My problem being that there are a ton of lens/equipment rental companies out there, and I have no idea who's reputable and who's not, and who's got the best selection and prices. So if you've rented lenses -- tell me from whom and what you rented! I want to investigate.

    And if you happen to be in the Triangle and could point me someplace where I could rent in person instead of via the internet tubes, that's even better.

  4. Carolina at Duke, tonight, 9PM, ESPN if you live anywhere outside of North Carolina, RAYCOM if you're in the NC. Either it's going to be amazing or it's going to be brutal, but it's Carolina/Duke -- it's always good.

  5. My favorite coworker made himself a tuna sandwich at 9:30 this morning. I love him and I love tuna, but not at 9:30 AM. I've been feeling vaguely ill since.

  6. This is why I haven't posted recently, you guys. I have got absolutely nothing of interest to say. I took some pictures! I watched some basketball! (How killer was the end of the Florida/Kentucky game last night? AMAZING.) I cooked some things! :D? :D?

    My life is so boring, but it's my life and the fact of the matter is, I really like it.
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  1. photos from two holy ghost tent revival/the new familiars shows, one rosebuds/megafaun/love language show, and some chatter about both photography and the shows themselves )

  2. Digital Photography School: The Biggest Secret of Photography.

  3. The National -- <3 Matt Berninger -- is recording a new album this year, theoretically, and they are definitely producing new material. [The National -- "So Far Around The Bend"] 5MB, .mp3. It's from a compilation benefit disc of some kind, and it's good. Then again, I think everything they do is good. But, liek, even objectively! Objectively, it's good, I swear!

  4. [My Chemical Romance -- "Desolation Row"] 3MB, .mp3. And for comparison, because when someone covers Dylan, the original is necessary. [Bob Dylan -- "Desolation Row"] 11MB, .mp3. I like the MCR version a lot, but I prefer Dylan. I often prefer Dylan to many things. For example, today I definitely prefer Dylan to working. So it's not really a statement of opinion but mostly a fact of my existence that I prefer the original.

  5. The new Jason Isbell album leaked yesterday and I had no problems downloading it because a) I've already bought tickets for a Jason show the week of the actual release date and b) I know I'll buy it on CD if only so I can fondle the gorgeous tripped out smoked too much weed album art and c) no, seriously, the amount of cash I will hand over to Jason Isbell this year isn't even funny. And, oh, you guys, this might not be the best album released this year but it will be my favorite hands down without a doubt. ♥

    Also: hilarious adorable 20 questions interview Jason at Popmatters. My crush on Jason is epic.

  6. My right foot is asleep. >:( And also I hate days where I have to hurry up and wait for other people to get back to me. No lie, I think the IT guy in the registrar's office is avoiding me on purpose. >:(
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some things that are making wednesday tolerable if not downright delightful:
  • the rolling stones' sticky fingers.
  • the delicious tomato/mozzarella/spinach salad i made myself last night (but not the fact that i left it in the fridge at home :((().
  • the fact that several people on twitter reassured me that no amount of love for the band is ever irrational.
  • the sky has been clear all week. i really cannot stress how much seeing the sun every day keeps me sane.
  • riding the exercise bike before work. wakes me up and makes me less cranky!
  • the photography stuff for sale section of craigslist, even if i never buy anything.
  • the rolling stones doing "you can't always get what you want".
  • related to several of the above items, the big chill.
  • my blue-green muppet scarf, made for me by siscat several years ago.
  • the fact that my coworker in charge of hr fixed my timesheet problems even though she's technically on vacation.
  • related to several of the above items again, the band.
  • steve earle recording an album of townes van zandt covers. (seriously, when [livejournal.com profile] quicknow sent me that link yesterday, i fell off the couch. i love all earles.)
  • the thought of going out to the arb/gardens on campus at lunch and taking pictures.
  • flickr.
  • taking pictures, full stop. i am genuinely happiest with a camera in hand.
  • my new MOO mini-cards -- complete with "no, really, i'm a professional! :D? :D?" photographer contact info on the backs -- shipped today!
  • bones, the continued airing of. (is it new tonight? my life needs more new bones.)
  • panic at the disco covering ["the weight"].
  • for the last few weeks, actually, my job. the work is challenging and interesting, it uses my master's degree, and it's been pushing my skill sets and my comfort zones in good directions.
  • trader joe's and all its delicious foods.
okay, now you go. seriously, what's awesome today? i was in a decent mood already but making this list made me happy.
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A list of things, mostly photographic, which should surprise no one, but some of them personal and one of them Doctor Who-ish:
  1. Photojojo isn't the most technical or artsy photo blog out there, but it's probably my favorite, regardless, because it mixes the technical stuff with the personal reasons you take photos in a really casual, chatty tone. Their list of 2009 Photo Resolutions has been open in my browser since Thursday when I first checked my Google Reader.

  2. [Local 506 Rockin' Eve] 12.31.08, Chapel Hill. I'm still struggling not to overexpose all my shots in the 506 and their red red light, but I'm getting better, which is all I can hope for. This is the last photo I took in 2008, 5 seconds til midnight according to the camera; if you're going to use your flash in a venue, I'm going to steal and take a far, far more awesome picture than you took.

  3. [Holy Ghost Tent Revival @ the Pour House] 01.02.08, Raleigh. Supported by Kooley High, a fantastically enjoyable local indie hip-hop group. I've taken plenty of pictures of HGTR before, and I know what I like in photos of them; motion, and plenty of it, because as a band, watching them twitch and flail and dance across the stage is such a huge part of their show. Trying to capture that motion without the photos turning into unrecognizable color blurs is the challenge. They should be fun at the 506 in a few weeks. And then: Kooley High was a fascinating experiment for me as a photographer, because hip-hop, as a live genre, has such a completely different stage aesthetic than the indie rock and alt country that make up the staples of my usual live shows. I'm used to shooting people with instruments in their hands, singing into generally static microphones -- trying to find the center of photographic focus for people holding microphones, and moving far more freely with those microphones, was a real challenge. A good one. One I shall undertake again.

  4. Fannishly: I am indifferent leaning towards vaguely positive about the Eleventh Doctor. I haven't watched this year's Christmas special yet, though, so I'm not sure I get to have an opinion. It's not like I ever posted about Who that much anyway. Your thoughts? Anybody? Bueller? (Ferris Bueller as the Doctor: discuss.)

  5. We had a lovely weekend full of people -- [livejournal.com profile] eleveninches up from the south, [livejournal.com profile] quicknow, [livejournal.com profile] riverlight and [livejournal.com profile] darastar down from the north -- and we ate well, I cooked a lot, we saw some music and played some Apples to Apples and drank some beer (those of us what drink beer), and I'm ready for 2009 to start in earnest now. So far it's been not terrible; and I adore my friends beyond measure, so far 2009 has also been noisy and full of people, and I am ready for a little quiet this month, too.

  6. This post is deceptively cheerful, in an attempt to blast myself out of the black mood I woke up in. My pink shirt hasn't helped, but getting one of my massive work problems dealt with has, and so has using the phrase "look at his servers" as a metaphor for doin' it. So it's getting a little better, but it's still not good. 2009, shape up or I'm going to demand a refund on you already.
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Since the mid-nineties, Justin has been saying, ironically or not, that this is how your first entry of the new year should always be, and so it is.

  1. tales of new year's festivities

    Went to the 506 with [livejournal.com profile] triskellita for Red Collar and Hammer No More The Fingers, and left before Kerbloki headlined, because we're old. (Photos to come, I'm too tired for uploading tonight.) Celebrated the departure of one of our favorite bartenders for New York. Unintentionally rubbed elbows with a lot of ridiculous hipsters who play music in this town. But the real festivities are after ez arrives from the south later today and the DC crew comes down from the north on Friday.

    Also I took pictures and drank PBR and the Tar Heels won, which is good, because if they had lost to Nevada, 2009 would have already been a wash.

  2. accounting for some unfinished business

    you are broken and callow, cautious and safe
    you are boundless in beauty with fright in your face
    until someone loves you, i'll keep you safe
    but like them, i will give you away

  3. envisioning the year ahead

    I am going to take photos, dance, get a new tattoo, buy a prime lens, go to a lot of concerts, feed starving rock musicians when they're not on tour, and watch some tall dudes who ball try to do something amazing.

  4. any sort of resolutions

    Gain a paid publication credit. Shoot a band's promo photos. Explore this amazing state I live in. Take a picture every day. Manage my money better. Get the Stump's brakes fixed. Get laid. See 100 shows. Eat a lot of club sandwiches at Linda's. Go on the road with some of my boys for at least a couple of days. Swim in the ocean as much as possible. Take pictures of snow.

  5. an extended and unfortunately eloquent harangue

    singing don't let me into this year with an empty heart

  6. a final thought composed in silence

    Sid is the Patrick to my Pete; shep. is my partner in every crime but especially the ones involving TJ Yates, poetry portfolios, and bartenders dressed like the guys from 300; the rest of the Axis keeps me laughing and in beer and chocolate and porn; [livejournal.com profile] quicknow is always willing to stop and take that photo, and I love her for it; the American Aquarium boys are my favorite drunk rock stars to offer food and manfresheners to; a hell of a lot of you guys kept me going this year at those times when I wasn't sure I knew how to; and finally, the iCat, who pees in the bathtub and is eating my couch in systematic passive-aggressive fashion, but who loves me regardless of everything.

    I remain, as always, thankful for direct flights, cordless drills, my family, Chicago public transportation, wireless internet, OS X, John Sheppard's hair, photos of Ben Browder kissing Michael Shanks, torrents of television shows from the BBC and Canadia, Kerry Wood as bad-ass new relief god (even in Cleveland), Matt Wieters and his throwing arm and his ass, prime lenses, sunrise at the beach, live music, really good fanfiction, successful college basketball (and baseball) teams, marijuana, Patrick Stump, Frank Iero, and Jon Walker, and Keira's ass. You know. The important things.

    And now, to bed, bed.
Happy 2009, kids -- may this year be better than the last one. So far it hasn't sucked.
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